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If you’ve ever thought about joining a golf league but hesitated for fear of embarrassing yourself, this article is for you.

If you are looking for a little more structure in your golf life beyond just hitting range balls on weeknights; read on.

Playing golf offers many benefits including exercise, challenge and increased confidence. However, the best thing about golf is probably the social aspect.

Golf is a game that is played over an extensive amount of time at a casual pace, sometimes involving drinking and including conversations on everything from game tips to stories of your work day.  This sounds quite enjoyable, right?


Most golf leagues are typically a weekly outing and can really do wonders for those who want to develop a deeper bond with a set of fellow golfers. And for some who want a little more competition, signing up for a league can make every shot a little more challenging.


In a nutshell, here are 5 reasons you should join a golf league:


1. It is an effective way to play more golf, meet new people and add more laughter to what would otherwise be just another round.

2. It will put you into contact with other local golfers, making it easy to develop potential partners for more excursions on and off the course, and maybe even make new, lifelong friends.


3. League teams makes you actually get out and play an actual round with a structured format, which is better practice for your game than just spending an hour on the range because it adds more challenge to your game.


4. The cost is typically based on how many evening you choose to play and where.


5. League formats vary from course to course. Some are instructional, featuring both lessons and stroke play events, whereas others are geared toward beginners, women or working professionals.  There are even some that are highly competitive.  If you look around, you will be able to select the best format for your game.


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