Golf Lessons

Up your game this season and book your individual or group lessons with one of our talented golf instructors!

For more information or to schedule, please email James Chemp at

1 Student2 Student3 Student4 Student5 Student
1 Lesson$50$90$128$160$188
2 Lesson$90$162$230$288$338
3 Lesson$128$230$325$408$478
4 Lesson$160$288$408$512$600
5 Lesson$188$338$478$600$703
6 Lesson$210$378$536$672$788
7 Lesson$228$410$580$728$853
8 Lesson$240$432$612$768$900

Notes: (1) Taxes extra; (2) Each lesson is 1 hour long; (3) Pre-payment required (4) Range balls will be provided at 16% discount.